Go to college, earn a degree, and get a job: this has been the prescribed journey for every generation in Indonesia. First of all, we have to answer “does college prepare students for the real world?”

As stated in the question, the unemployment rate in Indonesia is still high even the number of university graduates and the demand of employees from companies keep increasing. Where is the problem? The problem is most of college education doesn’t give enough experience with workplace skills. Yes, they have internship experience, but it is not enough. Lack of relevant work experience is a huge reason since most don’t even know what they want to do as a career after they graduate. So the internships they had are useless or have very little weight. That’s why some companies almost never look at someone’s major in college. They much more interested in graduates’ skills and experience

None of this is to say that a university education is totally useless. It broadens students’ horizons intellectually, giving them a chance to learn about things, places, and people that might never have discovered otherwise

But really, it’s the way we choose to see reality.

We are cycled through this education system with not much option and then are at the whim of profit-seeking companies to make a living. These are the same companies who want to maximize efficiency and won’t blink twice to lay-off employees or restructure when ‘things aren’t going well.’ But it’s not the fault of the companies. They are simply operating in a world where maximizing profit is the incentive.

So, what’s the solution?

I don’t know, I might be say that instead of going through life expecting to get a job, rather, we should be job creators. I believes everyone is an entrepreneur. Don’t ask for a job, make your own.

For most of history we’ve been entrepreneurs. As hunters and gatherer’s we had to solve problems everyday. We had to figure out how to feed ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that all of the people shouldn’t work for a company. Not at all. No individual could have been able to create the microprocessor or iPhone. We need lots of peoples and lots of companies to innovate.

The greater point is that people have options — job taker or job creator — but the system we have in place only fosters and really supports one path.


This article is written as the answer of stage 3 interview by Glints Scholarship.